3 Things To Know About Cooking

Hello food lovers! I’m just gonna start out this post by saying that I love food (of course), but I am not the most experienced cook out there. I am still young and plan on learning about tons of cooking tips. So, with this blog I’ll share recipes and new things I’m learning as well to help other beginning cooks that may be overwhelmed by all the gourmet and pro-chef blogs/websites/videos/etc. Although I’m not a pro (yet), there are a few things I’d wish I’d known before I became more interested in food and cooking.

First of all, this comes with many things in life as well… learn from your mistakes. When you cook something and it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to turn out it will be disappointing, no doubt. I remember baking cookies with my mom as a little kid and if they ended up being burnt I would be super bummed out. But when we made delicious, home made cookies there was no greater feeling for four year old me. (Here’s a simple cookie recipe along with some cookie trouble shooting tips:) http://www.countrycrock.com/crockcountry/media/777400/soft-chewy-sugar-cookies?gclid=CPGRvp26sMECFWMZ7AodAjgAjQ&gclsrc=ds) Learning something new will always be a challenge, but that’s what makes it interesting and fun. There’s nothing like failing once or multiple times and finally getting it done right. The struggle is definitely worth the satisfaction in the end. So don’t give up and very time you fail, get back to it! Practice really does make perfect.

cooking success

Another thing I wish I’d known from the beginning, which is more technical but very important is to always make sure you have the right utensils. Before starting a new recipe or a complex one you should make sure you have the correct utensils. There’s nothing worse than having all your ingredients laid in front of you and then noticing at the last second that you don’t even have a cookie sheet or some PAM. So very basic yet important cooking tip: Make sure to have the right utensils before you start any cooking!! Here are some cooking utensils to complete your kitchen with: http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/tools-products/cookware-bakeware/kitchen-tools-checklist

Lastly, I wish I had known more about measurements. In some cases measurements are key and have to be exact or else you could ruin the dish, but in other cases you barely have to pay attention at all. For example with your stereotypical boxed mac n’ cheese, when I was younger I took the instructions way too seriously. I’d always get out the measuring cup for water and take like 10 minutes longer than usual just trying to find it. But with non-serious things like this you can just eye it and guess. For more serious dishes like creme brulee or other fancy deserts, you have to make sure your measurements are correct or it could throw off your whole creation. Alright, last basic cooking tip of the day: Be aware of your measurements and measure exactly when the time is right!

Here are some more cooking tips for you from some of the best chefs in the country ~ http://www.foodnetwork.com/chefs/articles/100-greatest-cooking-tips-of-all-time.html


Well thanks every one! Until next time,





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