Roy Choi, food innovator

Hey guys! Alright so, I just recently found out about this really cool guy (even though he’s been pretty famous for a while.) Aaaand his name is Roy Choi. I mean, how could someone not be awesome with a name like that??

Anyways he’s a leader of the food truck movement and he started out with one small food truck. Roy gave street food the cred it deserves. He also created the food truck into something else more interesting and new. Roy’s trucks sell Korean BBQ and that might sound cool right now, but imagine how cool it was a few years back when no one had ever done anything like it before. Roy Choi reinvented the food truck from just your stereotypical taco truck to a truck that could sell much more than that. He mixed his culture in with the food and now many other food trucks have done the same. There are tons of food trucks out there now from Greek Gyros to Japanese Grill and even ones like Cupcake trucks. All of these food trucks have derived from Roy’s new idea of the food truck. Roy Choi was just a normal LA guy who was sort of confused about his life until he decided to start cooking and went to culinary school. He got lots of experience working with four and five star cooking and when he started the food trucks he thought it was great. Roy believes that food should be fun and enjoyable, not always so serious. After years of trying to figure out what to do for a living, he finally found the perfect fit. Now he has 4 food trucks and a restaurant with his company Kogi! You can learn more about Roy and Kogi here:


Alright hope you liked this post, I can’t wait to blog more about local reviews and food trucks around the Bay. Stay tuned, and thanks again guys!



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