Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be focusing on food-related apps. I have yet to use them, but they have great reviews. They’re also very useful and full of great ideas, so I’m going to download them ASAP. Anyways, one app I found was UrbanSpoon. I don’t know if any of you have heard of this app, but basically it shows you restaurant recommendations, food nearby, and more things like reviews and contact information. It’s great for finding restaurants quickly, especially when you’re not familiar with any area you’re in.

urban spoon 1 urban spoon 2

Another app I just discovered is Yummly (or Yum for short)! The point of this app is based around recipes. You can discover different recipes for yourself. You can also then save and organize them into categories to your liking. One of the coolest parts, is that you can make grocery lists as well. Adding that factor to a recipe app was very helpful.


Aaaaand guess what guys, there’s a bonus! Both of these apps are free in the app store! They both are very easy to use and to navigate your way through. Have fun and comment your opinions on them below!

Here’s the links to each app (UrbanSpoon – Yummly –

Alright see you guys soon!