Best Ice Cream Sandwich Everr



(mint chocolate chip with snicker doodle cookies)IMG_9262


Hello all, it’s starting to get colder and colder every day, but yunno what? It’s never too cold for an ice cream sandwich because they are filled with sweetness, love, and lots and lots of sugar. There’s this place called CREAM that sells ice cream sandwiches. But they’re not just your average neapolitan creepy ice cream truck ice cream sandwich, it’s so much more. You get to pick the type of cookie you want, from chocolate chip to sugar to snicker doodle, etc. then you pick your choice of ice cream. The cookie is still warm and they squish your scoop of ice cream between the two cookies of your choice to create a cute little sandwich of amazingness. Oh and then they put it in a lil’ paper bag for you, which I think adds to the experience. There’s a CREAM in Berkeley and some other towns in the bay area including a new one that recently opened in SF that I’m psyched about! If you haven’t had one yet, then try to visit a CREAM and join the #creamnation. ❤

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