Best Ice Cream Sandwich Everr



(mint chocolate chip with snicker doodle cookies)IMG_9262


Hello all, it’s starting to get colder and colder every day, but yunno what? It’s never too cold for an ice cream sandwich because they are filled with sweetness, love, and lots and lots of sugar. There’s this place called CREAM that sells ice cream sandwiches. But they’re not just your average neapolitan creepy ice cream truck ice cream sandwich, it’s so much more. You get to pick the type of cookie you want, from chocolate chip to sugar to snicker doodle, etc. then you pick your choice of ice cream. The cookie is still warm and they squish your scoop of ice cream between the two cookies of your choice to create a cute little sandwich of amazingness. Oh and then they put it in a lil’ paper bag for you, which I think adds to the experience. There’s a CREAM in Berkeley and some other towns in the bay area including a new one that recently opened in SF that I’m psyched about! If you haven’t had one yet, then try to visit a CREAM and join the #creamnation. ❤

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Fav Soup



Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while, finals are next week and I’ve been pretty busy with school work. Alsooo, I was sick for a little last week and my dad brought me some Pho. If you don’t know what Pho is, it’s a Vietnamese soup filled with white noodles, amazing broth, a variety of meats, and extras like bean sprouts, jalapeno peppers, basil, and lime. I can’t even describe it in words, the taste is very unique. It’s probably one of my favorite soups, I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. *heart eye emoji* And it’s so good for a cold, I mean really any hot soup is, but it’s a bonus since it’s so delicious. There’s tons of Pho places in San Fran and scattered around the bay area. So if you’re a pho newbie and you’re just drivin’ around and see a pho restaurant then GO! Knock yourself out (not literally) and have yourself some delicious soup that you will never forget.

Alright see you guys soon! Oh, and comment what you think of food pages on instagram? Should I make one for foodyas?


Sol Food



Hey food lovers! Alright so I know, if you live in the bay area you may already know about this place already because it’s quite popular, but you can never go wrong with a little Sol food. Their main restaurant is in downtown San Rafael and they have a few smaller places, one near the main restaurant and another in Mill Valley.

Sol Food is a Puerto Rican cuisine that gives a very comfortable and fun vibe. Every time I go there everyone there is smiling and enjoying their food (how could you not!) I still plan on getting other dishes that I haven’t tried yet, but the ones I have tried have been amazing.

The bistek dish and sandwich are both delicious. Also, with the dishes comes a salad, rice, beans, and plantain. I usually get the garlic plantain which are so simple, yet tasty as ever. I am also OBSESSED with Sol Food’s salad dressing. It’s a light oily dressing with lemon and garlic. I love it so much I always have a bottle at home so I can put it on my own salad (You can buy the dressing in the restaurant at the counter or next door at the main restaurant.) Alright I could go on forever about Sol Food, but two last things that are a have-to would be: the “limonada fresca” and the plaintain chips. Their lime drink is wonderful, with just the right amount of fizz and sweetness. The plaintain chips are something different that I like and don’t see as many people order. They taste very similar to potato chips and serve for a great snack.

Okay, see you guys soon and leave some comments about Sol Food if you’ve ever been or plan on going!



Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be focusing on food-related apps. I have yet to use them, but they have great reviews. They’re also very useful and full of great ideas, so I’m going to download them ASAP. Anyways, one app I found was UrbanSpoon. I don’t know if any of you have heard of this app, but basically it shows you restaurant recommendations, food nearby, and more things like reviews and contact information. It’s great for finding restaurants quickly, especially when you’re not familiar with any area you’re in.

urban spoon 1 urban spoon 2

Another app I just discovered is Yummly (or Yum for short)! The point of this app is based around recipes. You can discover different recipes for yourself. You can also then save and organize them into categories to your liking. One of the coolest parts, is that you can make grocery lists as well. Adding that factor to a recipe app was very helpful.


Aaaaand guess what guys, there’s a bonus! Both of these apps are free in the app store! They both are very easy to use and to navigate your way through. Have fun and comment your opinions on them below!

Here’s the links to each app (UrbanSpoon – Yummly –

Alright see you guys soon!


3-D Printing and Food



Hello everyone! Today’s topic is 3-D printing…and food, of course. But one may ask what could 3-D printing have to do with food? “It’s impossible to print food! They only do that in movies.” But it’s not impossible! It’s here and it’s real and it’s becoming bigger by the second.  3-D printing is used for an enormous amount of things. It’s used for more serious things in the army as well as fun little things like toys for kids. With food, it is used for both. 3-D printing and food is used for multiple occasions. The biggest news at the moment is making 3-D printed food for astronauts. NASA is working on making food for them that they can personalize before their trip to space instead of being given food beforehand that they have no choice in picking out. They are working hard to create 3-D food for the astronauts that are nutritional and tasteful as well. News in the 3-D printing industry is directed towards all types of people. Food for NASA is a more serious topic, but people are also doing really cool, fun things with 3-D printing and food! For example, a guy named Jason Lee is experimenting and doing exciting new things with chocolate. He’s making chocolate pictures. That’s right chocolate. pictures. He takes your picture, puts it into negative, 3-D prints it into a mold, puts the chocolate in, and BAM. You’ve got your own chocolate picture. The only problem for me would be that I would never want to eat it. But it’s a great idea nonetheless! 3-D printing and food are definitely on their way to the big Hollywood spotlight. It still blows my mind that 3-D printing in general is even a thing! Alright see you guys soon, hope you enjoyed my rambling about 3-D printing.


Quick, Simple Bruschetta

Hey guys! I’m finally here today to present to you all…a how-to! This is a super simple recipe and easy instructions for anyone to try. This bruschetta was greatly inspired by and it looked so delicious, so I went and tried it out myself! Unfortunately, I did not have any basil at the time, but it still tastes amazing! So if you don’t like basil, this is the perfect recipe for you! And hey I know traditionally, bruschettas are made with basil and that’s what brings it all together…which it does, but it tastes great both ways so don’t worry!!!

(For about 3-4 servings)

To get started you will need:

  • 2 chopped Roma tomatoes (little cubes)
  • Bread – a nice baguette or ciabatta roll will be perfect
  • Olive oil
  • Finely chopped garlic (1 clove)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Grated parmesan cheese

1. Prepare your ingredients first and preheat the oven to 325F. Cut your bread (preferably a baguette or ciabatta roll) into thin slices, but not too thin. Chop up your two tomatoes into small cubes and put them in a small bowl. Then add some salt and pepper to the tomatoes. Finely chop a garlic clove and mix that into the tomatoes as well. Stir this, so the flavor is spread throughout the whole mix. Let this sit while waiting for the oven to heat up.



2. Once the oven is ready place a piece of aluminum foil onto a cookie sheet and place the slices of bread on top. Then lightly drizzle some olive oil onto the pieces of bread and put them into the oven for 8-10 minutes to give you the perfect amount of crunch!

3. Take the pieces of bread out of the oven and get your cheese out!! Sprinkle the Parmesan over the warm bread so it will melt and prevent your snack from falling apart while allowing it to be tasty at the same time. Choose however much cheese you would like and then spread the tomato mix over the slices.


Voila! You’ve got yourself a fast, easy, and delicious bruschetta. Give yourself a hug for making this awesome, quick snack that tastes like it’s come right out of an Italian restaurant. Be proud for making something so gourmet, yet simple!

Alright well hoped you liked this recipe, comment to tell me about anything that you’ve made like this or if you end up using this! See you soon food lovers,



Food for Students

Hey guys! Before I start on this, I just need to apologize. I’m so sorry for not posting recently! Don’t worry though, from this post on I promise to keep blogging about your food related needs. Alright, anyways…food. As, I explained in my intro post, I am in high school. The biggest problem for me and most other students who want to have a delicious and enjoyable eating experience is…mulaaa. Money. When I go to a restaurant I always want to try something special or something that has been recommended to me. I hate not buying something because of the price, but let’s face it some things are just way more expensive than they should be. I mean six dollars for a flavored water? Really? My point is, I think that more restaurants/cafes that are located near schools should have student discounts or just lower the price of some of their items in general. If a restaurant near a school gives discounts to students or lowers some of their prices, they will undoubtedly get more service. More people will buy the food, so it’s a win-win situation. The customer pays less and still enjoys the food, and the restaurant earns more money!

student discount
Another thing that I think would be great for students is something new. High school kids love to talk and bringing something new to the area or to a restaurant would have them talking for at least a few days, depending what it is. The restaurant will get free advertising and the word will spread like wildfire. Even just one new thing on the menu could get people lining up outside. Especially something cool and different that people want to try, but nothing too disturbing. A different flavor of ice cream for example, maybe something a little more exotic would catch a customer’s attention right away.

ice cream

Another new thing for students that they would love would be a completely new place. A new, cool restaurant or cafe near a school would inevitably create lines out the door and interested customers. Having a safe, fun place to hangout is also really nice for kids. An acaii cafe opened sometime last year in my neighborhood and it’s been popular ever since. It’s different and has a great environment that people of all ages love. Things like this are always nice for the community and people love it.

Alright well thanks guys for visiting foodyas, see you next time!