3-D Printing and Food



Hello everyone! Today’s topic is 3-D printing…and food, of course. But one may ask what could 3-D printing have to do with food? “It’s impossible to print food! They only do that in movies.” But it’s not impossible! It’s here and it’s real and it’s becoming bigger by the second.  3-D printing is used for an enormous amount of things. It’s used for more serious things in the army as well as fun little things like toys for kids. With food, it is used for both. 3-D printing and food is used for multiple occasions. The biggest news at the moment is making 3-D printed food for astronauts. NASA is working on making food for them that they can personalize before their trip to space instead of being given food beforehand that they have no choice in picking out. They are working hard to create 3-D food for the astronauts that are nutritional and tasteful as well. News in the 3-D printing industry is directed towards all types of people. Food for NASA is a more serious topic, but people are also doing really cool, fun things with 3-D printing and food! For example, a guy named Jason Lee is experimenting and doing exciting new things with chocolate. He’s making chocolate pictures. That’s right chocolate. pictures. He takes your picture, puts it into negative, 3-D prints it into a mold, puts the chocolate in, and BAM. You’ve got your own chocolate picture. The only problem for me would be that I would never want to eat it. But it’s a great idea nonetheless! 3-D printing and food are definitely on their way to the big Hollywood spotlight. It still blows my mind that 3-D printing in general is even a thing! Alright see you guys soon, hope you enjoyed my rambling about 3-D printing.